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Destroyer 3 is a Multi-FX VST plugin for windows. It's a collection of high quality effects gathered in a single plugin with an easy to use interface and a flexible signal routing. In addition to the effects, there are also LFOs, step LFOs and envelops that can be used to modulate some of the main parameters of the plugin and create movements and morphing sounds. This is ideal specially for sound designers who want fast results and sometimes a complete transformation of their sounds.

2 high quality filters with built in auto filter option.

Advanced 3x delay effects with LP and HP filters for each delay, ping pong mode and a main mix part with filters.

Reverb with two mods; Simple and advanced.

Custom made cabinet sim effect with all the hidden controls available now.

Stereo Trance Gate and Step LFO with up to 64 steps and 8 bars sync:

Envelope with an advanced line editor:

6 LFOs:

12 Connections on the matrix to modulate the parameters you want within the plugin.

Sub presets on big modules makes it easy to work with them.

Change the order of effects easily and create different types of effects.

Change the main color and add a different mood to the interface.

Effects and Modulators Included in Destroyer 3:

• Noise gate / Expander.
• Over drive.
• Distortion.
• Lo-Fi: Sample and bit rate reduction.
• Cabinet simulator.
• 2 Filters.
• Parametric EQ.
• Phaser.
• Flanger.
• Chorus.
• 3 Delay units.
• Reverb.
• Compressor.
• Limiter.
• Stereo control.
• Stereo Trance Gate with up to 64 step and 8 bar sync.
• 6 LFOs.
• 2 Step LFOs.
• 3 Envelopes with line editor each with 2 states.
• FX routing.
• Matrix with 12 connections.
• Sub presets for big modules.

From v302 we decided to change the protection to serial, so the users can use it without worrying about the Challenge/Respond authorization and hardware changes.
Screen shots: v3.0.4 look - 1 - 2 - 3
Download the demo sound from here.

Price: 39 USD - €34

Temporary unavailable for sale.

Changes in v3.0.4:
- Compressor: No more unwanted clipping specially when the input is too loud.
- Limiter: Look ahead time bug is fixed.
- Skin: Cleaned up the rust.
- Authorization: Sometimes the plugin could stuck in demo mode after registering. Fixed now.

Changes in v3.0.3:
- Fixed: Ping pong delay feed.
- Fixed: Filter 2 - 303 HP mode.
- Updated guitar preset bank.
- Added delay Compensation info that can be accessed from the DAW. There is only a maximum of 50 samples delay, when using look ahead time on the limiter.
- GUI enhancements.
- Mute during preset change.

Changes in v3.0.2:
- Limiter: bug fix.
- Auto Filter: bug fix.
- Chorus: bug fix.
- Protection - Changed to serial.
- Minor GUI changes.

Changes in v3.0.1:
- Preset manager: Smoother preset change.
- Delay: Fixed 1 bar delay time.
- Reverbs: Optimized.
- All filters: Optimized
- Lofi: Optimized
- Distortion: Optimized
- Overdrive: Optimized
- Limiter: Optimized
- Amp: Optimized
- EQ: Optimized
- Phaser: Optimized
- Chorus: Optimized
- Flanger: Optimized
- Compressor: Optimized
- Stereo: Optimized
- GUI: Brighter background with some minor changes.
- GUI: Reduced some elements to increase the performance.
- Smart processing: less CPU usage when there is no audio.

The demo version is fully functional but the output will be silenced for 2 seconds every 25 seconds.
Download the manual from here.
Download the v3.0.0 from here.
Download the v3.0.1 from here.
Download the v3.0.2 from here.
Download the v3.0.3 from here.

Version 3.0.4 (win-32bit)
Size: 3.9 Mb

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