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Instachord (previously known as Chord Player) is a MIDI processor plug-in that helps you play chords and chord progressions in an easy way. Set up to 24 chords at a time, use fretting keys to choose one, and play it by picking keys. you can hit the chord, strum it or play its individual notes using different picking keys.
Chords on keyboard and guitar are voiced a bit differently due to the string tuning and their orders. Chord Player includes different chord voicing modes including keyboard and guitar modes.
If the key of the song changes you can use the transpose buttons to move all the chords up or down. You can also bypass the process if you need to play the target instrument in a normal way.

• A long list of common chords to choose from (maj, min, sus, etc.).
• All chords come with different voicing (Basic, 1st & 2nd inversions and guitar modes).
• 24 fretting keys to set and choose chords.
• 24 picking keys to set and play chords.
• Hit and strum the chords with only one key or play their notes separately.
• Transpose all the chords up or down at once.
• Customizable mapping for fretting and picking keys.

Here is the full resolution (%200) Screen Shot.

Price: 69 USD (there might be a discount)

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Change Log:

v1.0.5 - 9/10/2018

• Added a new playing mode: Pick+. Its similar to the pick mode, but when changing a chord while a pick is being held down, it will trigger the notes associated to that pick and the new chord.
• New preset delete option.
• When renaming a preset, previous and next buttons will now find the right presets to load.

v1.0.4 - 7/16/2018

• When a preset is renamed, the list is ordered and next and prev buttons will find the right preset.

v1.0.4 - 7/16/2018

• Fixed few bugs with preset manager.
* Next and prev buttons will circle the list when they reach the end.
* Save button will save the preset in right sub-folder instead of root folder.
* Return (enter) key will save the preset and ESC key will cancel it when rename box is on focus.
* Load preset and save as preset option will navigate to the right sub-folder by default.

v1.0.3 - 6/4/2018

• Added %200 scaling option.

v1.0.2 - 4/20/2018

• Added a new voice mode: Wide.
• Updated the guitar voicing modes for most of the chords and replaced them with better sounding or more realistic ones.
• Updated some of the basic and inverted chords with a better arranged ones.
• Renamed 11b5 to 11b9 which was the correct name for the chord.
• Preset manager now scans for one layer of sub folders and list them on the menu to help organizing the presets.
• Added Lock buttons for each part so they won't be effected when loading a preset.
• Octave, Hold Mode and C1 values will not be changed when loading a preset.
• Fixed an issue with notes getting stuck in Logic Pro on some machines.
• New option on the menu to copy preset files to Instachord’s preset folder.

v1.0.1 - 3/25/2018

• New Feature: Added a new preset manager.
• Fixed: Automation issues.
• Fixed: Few UI bugs.
• Fixed: Minor 7th flat 5th chord.
• Minimum requirments for OSX has moved up to 10.7 now.

v1.0.0 - 2/21/2018

• Released.

System requirements:

• MAC OS X 10.7 or higher.
• WINDOWS 7 or higher.

Download and try the demo version from the link blow.
File size: 17.9 mb.

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